Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with EJS Corp Pty Ltd (Real Estate Signs Australia), you agree to the terms outlined below.

Where a proof is required, please check thoroughly and return with any changes clearly marked and explained. Approvals must be sent to Approvals will need to be approved in writing, please note any changes to your proof will also be required in writing.

Sign installation time is subject to change in the case of operational malfunction and supply delays. In the event of such a delay EJS Corp Pty Ltd (Real Estate Signs Australia) indemnifies itself from any restitution by the client.

In approving artwork to printed, you are verifying that all details on the artwork proof have been checked and are correct. EJS Corp Pty Ltd (Real Estate Signs Australia) can only match information given and are not responsible for any colour errors. We rely on our clients to be aware of colour variations that can occur from different printing methods. Although colours specified in artwork proofs are correct, these cannot be precisely matched to your computer monitor screen or to a job that has been previously printed using an alternate printing process. Changes that are made after approval may incur further charges.

The EJS Corp Pty Ltd sign supplier’s agreements and must adhere to strict style guides. Changes to templates outlined within your brands style guides are generally not allowed; unapproved changes can breach these agreements and puts the EJS Corp Pty Ltd at risk of losing the right to reproduce artwork. Any changes must go through your marketing department for approval.

As signs are hired not purchased, the sign’s wellbeing is the responsibility of the hirer while installed. Vandalised, stolen and signs damaged due to weather will be replaced at the hirers expense. Prices for Real Estate Signage are six months rental. Maintenance of signs installed will incur a call out fee. The EJS Corp Pty Ltd reserves the right to exercise the necessary recourse to reclaim the monetary value of lost or damaged property through the hirer. Hire Signs remain the property of EJS Corp Pty Ltd during the entire hire period; modifications to the signs are strictly prohibited.

On expiry of the hire term (six months) you have the option to extend for a fee or purchase the sign outright if you still require it at the property. We recommend once you have a confirmed settlement date for a property that you email or call to organise collection of the hire sign.

Standard sign installation involves the use of star pickets, while great care is taken to ensure that services are not hit you are required to provide a “dial before you dig” where necessary. If you have any specific installation instructions these need to be provided prior to installation or the sign installers will install where they best see fit. Sign installers will conduct a brief site inspection before installation. Sign installers have the authority to override installation instructions if the installation would put the installer or public in harm’s way, damage services, or breach local council laws. Reinstallation of signs will incur a call out fee.

Body Corporate legislation does not give a Body Corporate the specific power to remove an individual’s items on common property. Similarly the legislation does not provide a process that the body corporate must follow in items stored or kept on council land. Please contact the properties Body Corporate before placing your order. Further general information can be found at

Although you can request a sign pick-up at any stage, you will be periodically emailed a list of signs currently active, please reply to confirm which signs can be collected from the field. Property specific signs can be held in storage for a period of three months then reinstalled at a later date. Signs not reinstalled within the three month period will be recycled. Signs are only manufactured and installed within trading terms. Pricing for installations and removals are standard ground installations..

Terms are strictly EOM + 14 days. Credit facilities will be withdrawn automatically and your account will be suspended on accounts overdue by thirty days. EJS Corp Pty Ltd reserves the right to close accounts for failure to make payment. Failure to make payment will void all hire agreements on signage and we reserve the right to collect our property. In the case of COD accounts, full payment of an invoice must be paid and receipt provided before the job is released into manufacturing. Signs will be charged according to order, The EJS Corp Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the style of sign ordered due to availability of stock. Double up orders will be required to be paid in full by the client. If a sign is unable to be installed due to the terrain, the sign will still be required to be paid in full by the client. A cancellation fee will be applicable on orders withdrawn after completion of artwork prior to printing.